Hebei Yahua Rubber Roller Group Co. Ltd.

Production equipment

With the market continuous development and demand,

Our company keeps innovating in technology,

In terms of raw materials, the products of Germany Kleberg company, Japan rion company, Britain JST company and America DuPont company were selected。

In the domestic market, we selected Qilu petrochemical, Lanhua company and other large manufacturers of high quality products,

Polyurethane raw materials are made of high quality polyurethane prepolymer from mitsui of Japan, Bayer of Germany, DuPont of the United States and Borre of France,

The polyurethane raw materials produced by Yantai chemical factory, Jiangdu polyurethane factory, Qingdao chemical factory and Jiangsu fine chemical factory are also used

our products have reached the international quality level.

The company has hired 5 senior engineers and 8 engineers from Beijing rubber research institute. The company has 36 assistant engineers and more than 600 employees. The company has introduced testing instruments and laboratory equipment made in Shanghai, which has laid a foundation for the stable quality of products.

Introduction on main equipment:

1. Two 25-inch plasticators, four 18-inch plasticators and four 16-inch plasticators

    four rubber cutting machines

2. Two 150 filtering machines and two 115 filtering machines

3. Two US-made automatic winding machines

4. Four 5-meter vulcanizers, two 10-meter vulcanizers and two small vulcanizers

5. One mixer

6. Chamber intermediate frequency furnace and baking furnace

7. Light and heavy grinding machines, CNC grinding machines, CNC lathes, large floor-type lathe (max. work piece dia.: 2.5m), many common lathes in various specifications (max. work piece: 6m long X 2.5m diameter), two polishing lathes.

For polyurethane processing: three large scale molding machines made by Baule, twelve gas/electric powered dry ovens; ten Electric heating reaction kettle, one Schenker dynamic balance testing machines, four large sand blowers, and more than 300 sets of molds.

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