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A comprehensive review of the characteristics of synthetic rubber rollers

Advantages of synthetic rubber roller:

1. Synthetic rubber roller has anti - solvent properties

2. Synthetic rubber roller can be used for wet - solid inks and offset inks.

3. The synthetic rubber roller has high hardness, long service life and good wear resistance

4. The synthetic rubber roller has good physical properties and will not melt or become soft when running at high printing speeds

5. The synthetic rubber roller does not require air drying。

6. The synthetic rubber roller is not affected by temperature and humidity

7. The synthetic rubber roller lives longer when the printing machine runs continuously for a long time.

Shortcomings of synthetic rubber rollers

1. Synthetic rubber roller cleaning is more difficult, especially from dark ink to light ink when more difficult. It needs to be cleaned in a scientific way

2. The synthetic rubber roller cannot remove the wool and ash from the letterpress plate

3. Synthetic rubber roller is easy to be affected by light, so it must be protected from direct sunlight. Synthetic rubber rollers will harden if they are not well stored

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