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How to analyze the feature of high-end printing roller

Hebei Yahua rubber roller Group Co., LTD., insisting on enhancing quality, setting up image, developing enterprise by science and technology, paying close attention to product quality, integrity first, winning market and realizing leapfrog development. The high-tech composite paper roller developed is the first of its kind in China, which can replace the import and fill the technical gap in the domestic roller industry, and has a broad market prospect. Adhering to the quality policy of "invigorating enterprises with science and technology, innovating technology, standardizing process and casting high-quality products", the quality of "Yahua" brand roller has been steadily improved and won the market.

For those who are not familiar with the characteristics of printing rollers, the following are some advantages of high-grade printing rollers:

1. Polyurethane colloids have sufficient surface viscosity.

2. excellent physical performance, long-term use will not become hard and aging, tear resistance and rebound function is good, excellent wear resistance.

3. with excellent chemical properties, suitable for various types of ink materials and printing technology, suitable for polishing rubber rollers and UV ink rubber rollers.

4. the high-grade rubber rollers from the appearance of bright color, the colloidal surface is fine and smooth, glue and core bonding firm.

5. Good affinity for water. The factors with good affinity to water are introduced and increased, and the surface tension and surface absorbency of the material to water are increased.

6. high - grade rubber rollers easy to clean. In the production of light and dark ink can be easily converted. There is no need for frequent loading and unloading cleaning.

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