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Focus on China Rubber Roller Market,German Rubber Rollers Come into China Market

Focus on China Rubber Roller Market

German Rubber Rollers Come into China Market

China's rubber roller market today is a mixed bag, qualities are not guaranteed. But high-quality rollers are needed in a big scale, especially water rollers and UV rollers.

Westland's entry into the Chinese market can, to a certain extent, effectively promote the development of China's rubber rollers market, especially the high-end market. However, it also puts certain pressure on domestic rubber rollers manufacturers.

In order to ensure our market share in the domestic market, our large and medium-sized enterprises should increase research and development efforts, improve product quality, especially the high-grade rubber rollers, improve product stability, improve after-sales service system.

Yahua group insists on strengthening quality, setting up image, invigorating enterprise by science and technology, paying close attention to product quality, putting integrity first, winning market and realizing leapfrog development.

The group company has developed and launched the high quality "Yahua" brand rubber rollers to the market. The recently developed high-tech composite paper rubber rollers are the first of their kind in China and can replace the import. They fill the technical gap in the domestic rubber rollers industry and have a broad market prospect, adhering to the quality policy of "invigorating enterprises with science and technology, innovating technology, standardizing process and casting high-quality products", the quality of "Yahua" brand rubber rollers has been steadily improved and won the market.

"Yahua" brand products in the market has a high visibility, we strive to become the leader of rubber rollers market, and to compete with developed countries.

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